September 21, 2018    

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Implementation of UN Resolution 1325

Women demand full political involvement

On International Peace Day, September 21, women from all over the world are invited to participate in a march for building societies of nonviolence, banning all forms of violence and involving women in peace - and society building processes.


Societies shall not be governed by aggressive people


Jerusalem is the junction of 3 continents, uniting people from more than 100 nationalities and Jerusalem is home to three major religions.


For thousands of years men have fought with weapons and hatred to conquer it, bringing the place and even the world to the edge of destruction.

Jerusalem  القدس    ירושלים  is supposed to be the

 holy city, the city of peace

But in 2018 Women ´March 4 Peace  will call for a paradigm shift, an end of bloodshed and destructive struggle by shaping a political vision and planting seeds of wisdom to secure the wellbeing of future generations.


A lasting peace can only be created by adherence to

International Law and high morality


The Women´s March 4 Peace  is not about blaming and shaming. It is not the march where one walks against the other, rising fists in fury and hatred.  On the contrary: the march invites the human side of society, the warm-hearted people who are caring, sharing and taking care for the wellbeing of society.  Lasting peace can only be negotiated by people who are seeing the humanity in the souls of the other.

Giving a voice to emphaty, expertise,

tolerance and social competences



Details  and the registration form will be uploaded soon.