September 21, 2018   



Bethlehem - Jerusalem 


Women leading the March for Freedom, Non-Violence and Peace!

When love is the way , justice will prevail

When unconditional love for our children, our next and for the stranger is the energy of politics, the shackles of violence will fall

We call on women and men from all over the world who create, protect, care and share, who cherish and appreciate life to join and send a sign to the world

that a New Future for Palestine for Israel and for Humanity is possible

when We, Wisdom and International Law forge a coalition


The Palestinian and Israeli  longing for self -determination, mutual recognition and lasting peace  can only be solved by the people who are directly affected:

by Palestinians and Israelis

Women count for 51 % of population.

They should be equally represented in all descision making processes.

This is not just a gut-feeling for equality

this is international law


UNSCR 1325

United Nations Security Council resolution 1325 urges Member States to  involve women  equally in all phases of decision-making and peace processes. Presently, 37 states have approved national action plans for the implementation of UNSCR 1325. Among them: Palestine and Israel.

We do believe in the power of female peace-builders.  Driven by UNSCR  1325 our goal is to reach comprehensive peace and justice for the sake of all coming generations in Palestinine and Israel alike.

your voice matters

The Women’s March 4 Peace calls out to messangers of human rights, people of all backgrounds –  young and old, of diverse faiths, to come together in Jerusalem on the 21st of September 2018 in order to march for the ban of all forms of violence, a diplomatic solutions and the promotion of Human Rights and International Law.

One highlight of the Women´s March 4 Peace  will be the publication of the "1325 Accord," a joint agenda written by experts of women's organizations in Israel and Palestine, on how the core issues of a peace agreement could be resolved from a female perspective.



Jerusalem is so much more than a possession, a real estate, a triumph. Jerusalem is anchored in the hearts, culture and religions of billions of people worldwide. She is the epitome of peace and wisdom. It is up to us to make a decision for transformation!

We do believe in the power of female peace-builders who praise life, who care for the well-being of future generations.

This Women´s March from Bethlehem to Jerusalem wants to encourage the mostly invisible mothers and sisters ot contribute to a peace-building culture, to restore hope in all t people and to find a way out of the stalemate and crisis we are currently locked in.


We have observed how women made a difference in peace processes as in Liberia, Sri Lanka and Ireland. That is why we want to encourage women to believe in their personal competences, their social skills and to actively shape the future!  

WE, women and our supporters from all over the globe therefore demand public peace negotiations with full participations of women from Palestine and Israel.


Join us on 21st of September for the